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Paul Keegan Associates Architects

10 - May - 2013

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commercial projects

Commercial Projects

Wharton GreenWharton Greenswitch car

Head Quarters of Dental Supply House, Winsford

The clients brief was to improve the existing built environment and working conditions for the staff. The new building replaced old and cramped offices providing improved working conditions but also creating a distinctive and attarctive working environment not only for existing employees but to attract fresh talent.

The proposal is the first phase of a redevelopment of the site, in the overall scheme the office blocks are arranged in a courtyard style, arranged around a central landscaped area providing a space of peace and sclusion which all offices look into.

The building form adopted is to use a 'green oak' frame system to provide the main structure of the buildings. The frame is intended to be expressed both internally and externally and be highly visible.

Head Office of car display offices, Netherton.

The clients brief was to create a 'distinctive' building which would not only house the sales and administration of the business but would create an image of a progressive and modern business, to create an interesting place to visit and work for staff and customers alike.



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