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Paul Keegan Associates Architects

10 - May - 2013

Providing a Range of Architectural Services...

Private Houses

One Off Houses

Hall Rd EGaw Hill LaneGaw Hill Lane

Large detached house in Blundellsands

Substantial detached house, six bedrooms, master bedroom suite, lounges, dining, kitchen, cinema room, swimming pool, basement with gym and games rooms.



Detached House, Aughton

Front view.

A four bedroom, dormer style detached house with lounge, family room cum kitchen, open plan hall and dining room. The general concept for the proposal driven by the client was that the dwelling should be a traditional family home. The proposal has a central entrance hall with to either side and rear the living accommodation. The rear rooms have large glazed areas to take full advantage of the panoramic views from the site. The style of the elevation treatment was intended to be individual yet be of a similar scale and style of surrounding properties.

Rear view.








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